Lease terms

1. Requirements for persons admitted to driving

1.1. Driver’s age is not less than 23

1.2. Driving experience is not less than 1 year

2. The list of the documents necessary for the conclusion of the lease contract

2.1. To citizens of Azerbaijan

  • The operating civil passport
  • The operating driver’s license of a category «B»

2.2. To foreign citizens

  • The operating civil passport
  • The document certifying the presence of registration on Azerbaijan Republic territory
  • The operating international driver’s license

2.3. To legal entities

  • A copy of the certificate on registration of the legal person;
  • A copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax department;
  • The power of attorney on the right of signing of the lease contract, the delivery-acceptance certificate of the car and other documents on behalf of the organization;
  • The valid civil passport of the person operating by proxy;
  • The valid driver’s license of a category “B”;
  • Organization requisites;

2.4. To the additional drivers admitted to driving

  • The similar set of documents, as for the basic driver;

3. Booking and the order of cars

3.1. The car can be reserved:

  • On mob/ph.: (+994 50) 374 74 10, (+994 55) 777 43 04, (+994 50) 750 00 51

3.2. Service of booking the car is free of charge

4. Order registration

4.1. All documents by request can be issued both at office, and at the address convenient for the Tenant (since the second reference to rent services).

4.2. The order is made out under condition of entering of the pledge transferred by the Tenant to the Lessor in maintenance of execution of his obligations, in the size specified in the contract.

5. Receipt and return of the car

5. 1. The car is issued to the Tenant in good technical condition, clean, with a full tank of gasoline.

5. 2. The car should be returned to the Tenant in its pure state, with a full tank of petrol, at a time and place specified in the contract (in the office of Lessor or otherwise pre-specified location). When you return the car, which hasn’t been prewashed, with salon having strong pollution, with part-time tank, and also at its return out of point of reception-delivery of cars, cost of corresponding services is kept from the Tenant in the size specified in tariffs to the contract.

5. 3. In case the vehicle is returned more than 2 hours later specified time period, the Tenant in addition to the rent for the period of delay shall pay to the Lessor a penalty in the amount specified in fees to the contract.

5. 4. In case the vehicle is not returned within the specified contract period, the Lessor may apply a statement about car theft to the Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic.

5.5. Receipt and car return proves to be true signing of the certificate of delivery-reception in which it is fixed external and inwardness of the car, visible and obvious damages (in the presence of those), cleanliness of a body and salon, gasoline level under gage indications, at the moment of reception and return.

5.6. The pledge made by the Tenant at the moment of the conclusion of the contract, comes back to the Tenant minus cost of all additional services, penalties (in the presence of those), i.e. after the discharge of all obligations under the contract.

6. Restrictions on movement

6.1. The Lessor provides the car to the Tenant on the terms of its operation on territory of Baku and regions of Azerbaijan that is fixed in the lease contract. Operation of the car outside of the territory designated in the contract it is forbidden.

7. Terms of use

7.1. The Tenant doesn’t have the right to use the Car with a view of for which it isn’t intended. The tenant undertakes not to use the Car for towage of vehicles, an auto racing and driving off-road, driver education, etc. , as well as in any other manner contrary to applicable law of Azerbaijan Republics. It is forbidden to operate the Car in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or any other intoxication.

7. 2. The Tenant is obliged to take all possible measures to prevent the management of the rental car by persons who do not have such right and not specified in the contract as additional drivers.

7. 3. The Tenant is obliged to ensure the safety of vehicles during all term of its operation. In a period of not using the car should be put on the supervised parking.

7.4. The Tenant independently and at own expense carries out refueling of the car by fuel, timely check and maintenance at necessary level of the engine oil, a cooling liquid, a liquid of a washer of a windshield, pressure in tires, and also watches after car working order.

7.5. Any actions on repair or car re-equipment, repair, replacement and its separate components without the written permission of the Lessor are forbidden. The Tenant bears a full material liability for absence or damage of components and accessories.